Версия на Български >> This site is dedicated to the wonderful area Gradishte near the town of Gabrovo and the interesting sites nearby.

Ancient passage guardian

общ план Градище Габрово

The fortress was build during the Roman empire in IV'th century to secure the pass trough the Balkan mountain. The mission was to stop barbarian attacks to the southern lands. Later it become a village and was abandoned with the Turks invasion. Artifacts from the site could be found in the historical museum in Gabrovo.

Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium – Gabrovo

планетариум Габрово

Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium –Gabrovo is the most interesting sightseeing in the town. The observatory is equipped with Carl Zeiss planetarium of 8 meter dome and 350 mm (14”) Smith Cassegrain telescope. Many visitors come each year to see the lectures in the stellar hall. Also there are different observation activities involving students and graduates from the town. The class of astronomy that the observatory delivers has the target to educate the young people of this wonderful science and also to involve them in observation and photography activities. Please visit the website for more information >>

Zoo Gabrovo

общ план Градище Габрово

The zoo is close to the Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium. You can see there 150 different species, 40 of them are birds. There are 2 lions and a brown bear. The Zoo is working every day and the entrance is free. Phone (+359) 066/808 871.

You can reach Gradishte from the town center trough calm and quiet route. The route is going around the Planetarium and the Zoo as well as nice forest park with a restaurant. The fortress is 680 m above sea level and 5 km away from the town. There is a wonderful panorama right next to the city TV tower with s free of charge powerful binocular. See a map of the area >>

Forest Park

Right in the foot of the Gradishte hill there is a wonderful forest park. Nice place for rest and walk. There is also restaurant with traditional Bulgarian kitchen.

Guest house Milkana

Guest house Milkana is close to the Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium and the Zoo web site >>